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Let Me Train You

Want a personalized Taylor made plan just for you? #BearTrainingArmy
About The Plan
Rogan O’Connor

Want To Join The Bear Training Army?

Want to lose weight? Want to gain more muscle? or are you looking for the works? Now Bear Muscle are offering Training services with Rogan O’Connor here!

With Bear Training you get all the benefits of your own dedicated personal trainer and nutrition coach – for a fraction of the cost.

Through WhatsApp Messaging, You’ll be able to set up for instant support and advice.

What do you get?

– Taylor Made Diet Plan
– Taylor Made Training Plan
– Depending on your goal, we will flex on your plans to suit you
– WhatsApp Number
– 2 Check-in a week (Mon/Thur)
– Weekend Audio Call
– Seeing how your check-in goes, your plan can be a subject to change
– Monthly Subscription

Pricing: £99 per month subscription

Rogan O’Connor

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Bear Shredz Plan

Omar Sultani

Bear Shredz Plan

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Bear Shredz Plan

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